We travelled  to Woodbine Maryland on March 2024.

We found a wonderful stable at Sunset Hill Farm.

The fall 2022 I was accepted into L-Program. The first session in Parker CO was wonderful. So much information of correct dressage training and biomechanics of the movement. I met some old friends and made many new ones. I am looking forward the next phase of this education in February.

Heidmuhlen,Germany 2021

The three sessions of the L-Program part  one are done and I was lucky to be enrolled into part Two starting May 13-14 2023. The two sessions and the Final Exam of the part two are being held at HITS horse Show in Saugerties NY by NEDA. (New England Dressage Association )

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My trip to Germany during COVID was not easy but it was worth it.  Stay at Christian Hess's farm and riding many wonderful horses was very educational. I am so thankful for Christoph Hess for arranging this trip for me. 

Fulbright 2021

Sure was nice to be called "A top notch professional Dressage Trainer" by Christoph Hess during the clinic.

After 5 weekend sessions, hours of scribing and sitting with judges I took the L-Program Exam on August 18-20 2023. I am happy to announce my graduation. 

Fulbright and I will continue working together after almost a year break from training during which he was recovering from EPM.

Let's hope he will stay healthy after having two more relapses.